Precautions for Feng Shui of residential gate

In geomantic omen, the location where wind and Qi are stored is called Qi accumulation level, also known as wealth and Qi level. The diagonal of the gate is the wealth level. For example, the gate is in the upper left corner, and the lower right corner of its diagonal is the wealth level. If the gate is in the upper right corner, the lower left corner of its diagonal is the wealth level. Assuming that the gate is at the top of the middle, the lower left corner and the lower right corner of its diagonal are the wealth level. Generally speaking, it is suitable to raise goldfish or plant in this position, and plant some plants in the wealth position. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen through photosynthesis. This process is to stimulate auspicious Qi. And a crisp potted field of flowers and plants can really refreshing. There is another point that we should pay attention to: the wealth level should not place large furniture. This is what we usually call the wealth pressure, so that it does not gather here

Feng Shui believes that the gate is like a human face, and the inside and outside must be the same, otherwise they will lose peace. The direction of the outer gate must not flow along the water, otherwise it will destroy money. The outer gate, the inner gate and the inner door cannot be in a straight line. This is the spirit of piercing the heart, and it is also because the door can not make money. There should be porch and screen wall barrier. The height of the gate should not be too high, just like the prison gate. If it is too small, it will be blocked. Pepsi is not going well and the gas cannot enter. The color of the inner gate should avoid dark color, and light color is better. The back of the inner gate should not be hung with a picture

the orientation of the outer gate is the best for green vegetation, and should not face the place with withered grass and messy. The door can be divided into gate, middle gate, main gate, convenient gate and side gate. The gate refers to the outer gate of the whole house. It is the most important door in the house. It should face the auspicious side of the life and the prosperous side of the house. The middle door is inside the gate (most apartment houses nowadays have no middle door), and the relationship is slightly light. As long as it is not the main culprit, the main door is the main entrance of each bedroom, and the culprit should also be avoided. A convenient door refers to a house that is not an apartment house but has a courtyard. Except for the main door, it is a convenient door. It should also be auspicious in order to help the family house. If the door is auspicious and the convenient door is auspicious, it is all auspicious. If there is an unfavorable access door, it should be closed. Zuo Ji should be closed and right should go left. Youji should avoid left and go right. Good or bad luck can be seen immediately

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