Kitchen location and Feng Shui of kitchen door

The kitchen is the area where a large amount of water is used in the residence, and it is the space with heavy pollution and gas in the residence. The good or bad luck of the kitchen location will affect the rise and fall of the family’s fortune. Therefore, only by arranging the kitchen Feng Shui can we ensure the family’s health and prosperity

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the most suitable location for setting kitchen in the residence is the East and southeast of the residence. The kitchen is the place to deal with daily meals. In terms of operation, it needs water to clean the food to be treated, clean tableware and kitchenware, and cook food with fire at the same time. In terms of the traditional concept of orientation and five elements, the East and Southeast belong to wood, and in terms of Bagua facies, the southeast belongs to wind facies. In addition, from the perspective of the concept of five elements, water generates wood, while wood generates fire, and fire generates soil. On the other hand, in China in the northern hemisphere, due to its geographical location, the northwest wind often blows in winter, so there is an upper tuyere in the north and a lower tuyere in the south. Based on the above comprehensive concepts and geographical conditions, most of the traditional kitchen doors are designed to face east or Southeast. In this way, the oil fume in the kitchen and the taste formed when cooking food can be smoothly discharged to the outside, so as to maintain the air freshness of the whole house and avoid the air pollution caused by the oil fume formed when handling food. In addition, because the wood of the five elements can generate strong fire, and the fire can burn with the help of the wind, a mutual relationship is formed between them. This pattern is called wood fire Tongming in geomancy, and gives people a very comfortable feeling psychologically

in houses with normal pattern, the kitchen is located at the rear of the house, but some houses set the kitchen in front of the house due to space constraints. As soon as you enter the house door, you will first see the kitchen, while the living room and bedroom are located at the rear of the house, which is a vicious phenomenon

the kitchen cannot be located in the south of the residence, and the kitchen door should not face the south. Because the five elements in the South belong to fire, and the five elements in the kitchen also belong to fire. Adding fire to the fire is unfavorable to the home, and the high temperature is easy to corrupt the food, so it is best not to set the kitchen in the south of the house

the kitchen should not be located in the center of the house, which has three explanations:

first, because the central position of the house is the Huangji position, which is equivalent to the heart of people, so it is most forbidden to be polluted. If the kitchen is located in the center of the house, people at home will suffer from heart disease

Second, it is because of the traditional saying that the center of the house is ” Acupoint Eye ” ; That is ” Huangji ” ; Bit is the core area of the whole house, and anger is silently spread to the whole house from here. This area must be quiet and peaceful. Therefore, the bedroom for sleeping is the most suitable

Third, there is not only fire, heat, oil smoke and water in the kitchen, but also the sound of cutting meat and bones, frying vegetables and colliding with pots and pans. These sound waves, heat waves and airflow impact ” Acupoint Eye ” ; The quiet and mild gas field constitutes a strong distorted interference, which destroys the normal diffusion of gas, weakens the gas of the house, and even turns the positive gas field into a negative bad gas field

the kitchen should not be located between two bedrooms. The kitchen door should not be opposite to the bedroom door. The bedroom is a place to rest, giving people a feeling of safety, comfort, tranquility and harmony. The kitchen is the place where the fire spoon is used. If the kitchen door is facing the bedroom door, the oil smoke, fire and heat of cooking will spread from the kitchen door to the bedroom, thus damaging the cleanliness of the bedroom air and even making the people in the bedroom irritable. In fact, water and fire in the kitchen and kitchen utensils are potentially dangerous. On the one hand, water and fire are ruthless (especially using gas and gas as cooking fuel). On the other hand, improper treatment of food and kitchen waste is a hotbed of disease. Based on the above two situations, the bedroom should keep an appropriate distance from the kitchen

the kitchen should not be integrated with the dining room. The kitchen is a place for handling food. It is an unstable and dangerous place. The dining room is a place to enjoy delicious food. It should be quiet, safe and comfortable, which can make people relax and enjoy delicious food at ease. Psychologically, if you enjoy the delicious food while touching the abandoned kitchen waste or disturbing chicken feather and duck blood, you may think that the delicious food you see on the table is originally carefully treated animal carcasses. In addition, the combination of income and expenditure is like the combination of income and expenditure in the kitchen

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