Principles and skills of color matching

Many consumer psychologists and front-line salespeople believe that color may become a decisive factor in the sales process. You can recall your shopping experience, and you will understand how much influence color has on a person

when you buy clothes, if you don’t have the color and pattern you like, will you go back and buy clothes that don’t like the color? When you are buying a car, if there is no car in your favorite color, will you accept it or just buy another one? I think the answer should be obvious. Color will produce a wonderful response to people’s senses or psychology, and the response of different colors is different. Of course, the response to color varies from person to person. However, if this color happens to trigger your positive psychological response, such as happiness, pleasure, comfort, excitement, happiness, etc., it will naturally produce a strong desire to buy

the psychological reaction of color is only a manifestation of the influence of color. If it is applied to the interior design of residence, the change of color will be more magical. It can even change people’s visual size and temperature feeling of this space. In practical application, if you want to give guests a cool and comfortable feeling, you can choose blue, green, purple, etc. ” Cold tune ” ; The reaction of seeing these colors is almost the same as that of seeing pastoral scenery or ocean scenery, which will make people feel peaceful, quiet and relaxed. On the contrary, if you want to create a warm, warm and enthusiastic space feeling, you can choose various colors in the red, orange or yellow series. These colors can remind people of warm sunshine, so they are called ” Warm color system ”

in terms of space performance, if your store space is small and you want to make it feel wider, it is recommended to use a single light color tone for decoration design, because a single light color tone can make people have sensory illusion and increase the space of the house visually. Similarly, if the ceiling is too low, it is also recommended to use light colors, which also has the visual effect of improving the height of the ceiling

of course, some people will encounter the opposite problems. For example, the space area of the store is too large and there are not many goods. It looks empty. At this time, you can choose dark wall or ceiling to make the space look smaller and the ceiling lower

generally speaking, the interior decoration should not use too dark and heavy colors, which will make the whole indoor space have a strong sense of oppression, so the use of light colors is an ideal choice. Even if according to the five elements, the opening color of the store is black, blue and red, it is not suitable to use pure black, dark blue or dark red as the main tone of the store design, but to give full play to your ingenuity, These colors are cleverly applied to all corners of the store, such as trademarks, shelves, wall decoration, etc., so that it can play a striking effect without making people feel oppressive

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