Where should the toilet not be located

When setting up the toilet, special attention should be paid to avoiding the location where the toilet should not be set, otherwise it will not only affect the feng shui of the toilet, but also affect the house transportation

first of all, from the perspective of home feng shui, the toilet is the energy area of water, and the five elements belong to water. According to the principle of the five elements, earth conquers water, water conquers fire, earth is the Kun hexagram and Gen hexagram, which belong to the southwest and northeast respectively in the acquired eight trigrams, while fire belongs to the south. Therefore, the toilet should first avoid the three directions of southwest, northeast and south, otherwise it is easy to lead to the pattern of water and fire attacking the heart, resulting in the imbalance of yin and Yang, In addition, because water is a symbol of wealth, it will also affect the wealth of families

secondly, because the water is the kangua and belongs to the north, the toilet should not be located in the north, because the toilet is wet and the place where dirty water is generated, and the Yin Qi is heavier. If the toilet is set in the direction of water, it will pay more attention to this Yin Qi. In addition, the external setting in the north and northeast is not conducive to the lighting and ventilation of the toilet, which is easy to breed bacteria and disease

moreover, the orientation of the toilet should not conflict with the birth year of the owner of the house. For example, the owner of the house was born in shennian or Younian, that is, people belonging to monkeys or chickens. Because the five elements of shenheyou are gold and metal, the toilet should not be located in the west, otherwise it will affect the owner’s journey

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