What are the taboos of Feng Shui in the bedroom

The most important thing in the bedroom is the bed, which directly affects the health and sleep of residents. In addition to the material and comfort of the bed, the placement of the bed is also very important. Because in Feng Shui, the orientation of bed is a very profound problem, which involves the important content of astronomy and geography. People all know that the earth is a huge magnetic field, its magnetic line of force is north-south, and the human body also has a magnetic field. If people can adapt to the magnetic field when sleeping, it is naturally beneficial to health, otherwise they are easy to get sick. In this regard, the bed is best placed north and south

of course, if you are young, you can also consider sleeping with your head to the East, because the East is the place where the sun rises, which is easy to make people energetic; If you have insomnia for a long time, you can also consider sleeping westward in order to regulate your sleep. In fact, the placement of the bed should not only consider the earth’s magnetic field, but also combine the pattern of the house and the eight characters of the bed owner’s birthday. How to place the bed should vary from person to person

in addition to the placement of the bed, the bottom of the bed can not be ignored. In real life, in order to save space, people often stuff some old sundries under the bed. In addition, the bottom of the bed itself is easy to accumulate dust and breed pests. Such Feng Shui is certainly not conducive to human health. To solve this problem, in addition to regular cleaning, if there is really no place to place sundries under the bed, you can spread bigger sheets on the bed to make the surrounding curtains hang down, which can block the foul air. In addition, you can also put some mascots at the bottom of the bed, such as red envelopes, rice, etc

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