The doors and windows of the house should not be straight

Door is not only a division between family and society, but also the face of a family. It is the same direction that people enter the house from the door. So, it is the same direction that people enter the house from the door. It is the same as the direction that people enter the house from the door

for the design of the door and room door of your home, you should pay attention to the appropriate size of the door. If the door is too large or too small, it is not ideal. If the door is small, it is called the main disease of keeping breath, while if the door is large, it is called discouraged and returning money, that is to say, no matter whether its residents are ill or not, they feel uncomfortable living. Only if it is properly configured, it is a lucky house

we often say ” The eye is a window to the soul, If a life loses its eyes, it almost loses all hope, and the window of the house, like human eyes, plays an indispensable role in the home. Air and sunshine are the two major elements for human survival. If a person breathes stale air for a long time or is in an environment with insufficient light for a long time, he will be prone to illness or mental depression. Therefore, the house must be equipped with windows, but the design of windows is not the bigger the better, but should pay attention to the overall orientation and layout, and do not take the relative front and rear windows as the premise. Since the design of doors and windows is so important, we should pay attention to it. Let’s introduce the reasonable design of doors and windows:


the design of doors

the door is an opening for the house to receive gas, so we must keep it clean and bright, and it is not suitable to accumulate sundries, so as not to hinder good gas transportation. Two doors can be designed to be directly opposite to each other, but they cannot be overlapped and just opposite. We should avoid overlapping and parallel doors. The two doors are opposite. If there is a slight difference in the design, it will damage the harmony between career and family. If the two doors bite each other, it may cause family quarrels

If a person often opens the door to the wall or can see another room from a distance, it will disturb the circulation of Qi in the human body. Large rooms should have larger doors, such as bedrooms, living rooms or guest rooms, while small rooms should have smaller doors

II. window design

the design of windows can play a decisive role in the circulation of air. The windows should preferably be fully open ” mdash” mdash; Open outward or inward, not upward or downward. Moreover, the outward opening window is the best, which can increase the air and career opportunities of residents, because this kind of window is conducive to allowing a large amount of air to enter the room, and when opening the window, it can allow the indoor turbid air to flow out to the outside. Conversely, inward windows are not as good for gas and career as outward windows, but they are better than upward or downward inclined windows. When we open the window, it’s best that there are no obstacles to the flow of air

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