What material is good for the floor of the living room

The floor of the living room means the earth, which carries all things. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is of great significance to the whole house, and the decorative layout of the floor is extremely important

living room: the floor should be flat, and there should not be too many steps or differences in height. Some living rooms adopt the design of high-level and low-level zoning in Sichuan, so that there are obvious changes in the height of the floor. In this way, the family transportation will also cause the ups and downs of the floor, and it is not convenient for cleaning at the same time. However, the floor of kitchen and toilet can be slightly lower than that of dry hall, so as to prevent excessive Yin from flowing back to the hall

(1) floor decoration materials

when planning indoor floors, if you don’t dislike wooden floors, wood should be the best, or popular ceramic tiles and polished quartz bricks should be used to make the temperature of the living room warm and peaceful. It should be noted that the living room should not be paved with mirror tiles. Suwei mirror tile is the kind of light brick that can shine on people’s shadow. This kind of tile will shine the shadow of people and things on the ground, which makes people feel uncomfortable: black marble is the most taboo on the living room floor: because the temperature of marble is low, as long as marble is laid indoors, it will feel particularly cold in winter. Even if the hot air blows in summer, the damp air is not easy to spread. The moisture of marble is too heavy, which will cause each piece of stone to have different colors. It must be dried by fire. Because the temperature and humidity of marble are very difficult to spread, people living in such a space will accumulate over time, and moisture will make people’s body sick

in addition, no matter what materials are used, the decoration of the living room floor must comply with ” Safety first ” ; Because ” Safety first ” ; It is very beneficial to the property owner and the owner. Therefore, the floor of the living room should not be too slippery, otherwise, it is not safe for the elderly and children

(2) ground color

compared with the ceiling, the color of the living room ground should be darker, which means the earth. The earth carries all things, so the color is thick. If the ground color is light, it can be divided by the skirting line with darker color, so the light ground can also be used

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