Bring lucky flowers

Plants can carry out photosynthesis, provide fresh air for people, reduce radiation, regulate the atmosphere, and make the living and working environment full of vitality. Not only that, flowers can also express beautiful blessings and enhance mutual feelings through flowers. The following are common flowers and plants that can bring you luck:

1, Orange

due to ” Orange ” ; And ” Ji ” ; Therefore, potted oranges have become the main furnishings in people’s families during the Spring Festival (oranges are ripe during the Spring Festival). Oranges have a golden appearance, which is very helpful to increase the family’s financial resources. Be careful not to pick kumquat because it has a beautiful and edible appearance. When there are dead branches and leaves, pay more attention to clean them in time

Qu Yuan once used “Ode to orange” to sing about the shape, quality and character of orange. The nature of oranges will also change due to the local atmosphere. It is said in the book of Zhou Li ” middot; kaogong Ji: ” The orange goes beyond the Huaihe River and the north is the orange. The gas here is natural ” ;; Oranges have spirituality. It is said that they can fulfill things. In the five elements of Guanggu and Jinjin, it says: ” Empress Chen dreamed of entering the besieged city in yellow and cutting all the orange trees around the city. And the Sui soldiers arrived. They were dressed in yellow clothes up and down. It was not long before the Sui attacked and surrounded ” ;; Others believe that the orange is formed from the Tianxuan star of the Beidou. In the spring and Autumn Festival, it says: ” Xuan scattered into orange” ;

This kind of fruit can be used as seed medicine, which has good economic benefits. In traditional folklore, orange is homonymous with auspicious, and it is usually used to pray for auspicious blessings

II. chrysanthemum

chrysanthemum has the effect of prolonging life and increasing blessing, which is conducive to the stability of gas field and magnetic field. But we need to remind you that: longevity chrysanthemum and big Persian chrysanthemum are only suitable for putting at home. We should pay attention to avoid direct sunlight and insect pests

III. daffodils

daffodils can not only avoid evil and eliminate pollution for residents, but also attract money. It should be noted that the whole shape of Narcissus is like a green onion before it blooms. It is very important to keep it fresh

IV. auspicious grass

it also has another name called ruicao. When you look at its name, you know it is a plant with auspicious meaning. Auspicious grass is small in shape and keeps its green color all year round. It is easy to grow in mud or water, symbolizing ” Good luck ”

fifth generation fruit

fifth generation fruit, also known as golden fruit and its scientific name is milk eggplant, is native to the tropical region of America. It has a long fruit viewing period and can bear from September of the current year to march of the next year. The fruit is inverted pear shaped, with 5 papillary protrusions at the base, and the fruit is orange or golden when ripe. This beautiful fruit is a good choice for decorating the room

the five fingered eggplant is a precious fruit viewing plant with peculiar shape and bright colors. It is widely used in cut flowers and potted flowers and plants. If the five fingered eggplant and Paphiopedilum are used as the main materials, together with Hongrui wood branches and cycad leaves, it looks dignified and elegant; If the main flowers are eggplant and red chrysanthemum, together with fern leaves and cattail, it looks natural, harmonious and full of hope

VI. happiness tree

happiness tree has beautiful shape, small and green leaves and whirling shadows. It is a precious indoor ornamental plant. You can write your wish on a card and hang it on a tree. Because people believe it can bring happiness, many people like to put it in front of their homes. Each branch of the happiness tree has three leaves close together. As long as the branch has three leaves, it will not grow a fourth one. Each leaf is not alone. They are all three together, not lonely or lonely, so it is happy

VII. white palm

white palm gives people ” Pure, calm, peaceful and peaceful ” ; The beauty of is called ” Flower of innocence ” ;. People think that white palm (also known as white crane taro) has an auspicious meaning, especially according to the image of its flowers, its name day ” Plain sailing ” ;. White crane taro has beautiful flowers and leaves, light and colorful, vigorous growth and shade tolerance. And it is an expert in restraining waste gases harmful to human body, such as ammonia and acetone. At the same time, it can also filter benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene in the air. Its high evaporation rate can prevent the drying of nasal mucosa and reduce the possibility of illness. Therefore, it is often used in indoor greening and decoration

VIII. bear’s paw flower

bear’s paw flower is native to Britain. Is it a winter flower cherished by horticulturists, or was it chosen to sacrifice Syrian martyrs in the 5th century ” mdash” mdash; Flowers of Saint Simeon. Bear paw flower is an extraordinary flower because it hides its seeds in its body and does not reproduce until the hibernation season. So the flower language of bear paw flower is ” Prosperity ” ;. Those blessed by such flowers are full of motherhood everywhere. That is the so-called virtuous wife and mother type. Most of them will get married soon after falling in love. After marriage, their children will be obedient and their families will be happy

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