Feng shui rules in the bedroom (bedroom feng shui)

Feng shui rules in the bed room (bedroom) There are a lot of Feng shui rules and taboos. Feng shui principle is vague science. If you read more articles about feng shui, you will find that it really make sence for our daily life and your own business. Feng shui focus on how to set up the harmonic environment. The harmonic will be helpful for your life. So pls join us to start to learn and feel the feng shui power. Read more articles of feng shui rules, you will be proud and happy to see personal progress and results in your Feng Shui Life. Step by step, you will see how creative and lucky you are, because everything you will do in your life with Feng Shui will help you and your family. Today, we will talk about the feng shui rules of bed room. There are some feng shui rules and feng shui taboos in bed room.

feng shui bedroom rules
feng shui bedroom rules

1. The first one is related to soft decorations of bed room. Feng shui philosophy show that the decoration with strong feng shui energy. If you like use the painting to decorate the sleep room; we suggested you use warm flower painting or your family photos. Do not decorate the room using painting with sadness.

2. Do not place blow things in your bed room. Bed room shall be romantic. Even you love your parents deeply, but pls do not place their photo in your bed room. Children’s toys also shall not be placed in the room. The electronic device such as TV, Stereo. Beside of radiation too many electronic devices will destroy the Feng shui energy.

3. Air of sleep room. Refresh the air frequently or use the air filter device to clean the air. If the air in the bed room is too dirty with contamination, the feng shui of bed room will become bad.

4. The lighting of bed room. Soft lighting not only can protect our eyes also can provide energy of feng shui.  (more feng shui bed room lighting rules)

5. The color of bed room. The scientist finds that color will affect people’s sensory perceptual system. Feng shui philosophy said that light red color and pink color and other warm color will inspire your loving life. And the dark red color will be passionate. It is private space, so you can use those passionate colors make your private room more passionate.

6. Do not place too many mirror in bed room. It will influence the health and your emotion even your wealth and children. Especially do not place mirror at the end of bed. This mirror will cause you terrible. If you have to place mirror in your bed room, it would be better to hide it in one place where people do not noticed easily.

7. There is one washing room in bed room. The door of washing room shall be always closed. Or using the screen to separate it. Or else it will take some trouble into Husband and wife relationship.


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