Feng shui tips and feng shui rules of office room-Session 2

Last time we had discussed seven feng shui tips of office room. there are some remain feng shui tips in office room.

  • Do not place big garbage can around your seat. Garbage can and washing room is the resource of bad fortune. We should avoid those bad fortunes.
  •  If the light or sunshine which around your seat is too weak. That will cause you lazy and get more negative feeling.
  • The seat shall not face to the door of your boss or supervisor. Because you will be affected by your boss actions easily that influence your energy and you cannot do your work carefully. Even you will conflict with your boss. 
  • There shall be no beam or hanging lighting right above your seat. Even we do not have the eye on the top of our head. But we are so sensitive about this, we always afraid that something will drop down. So we always try to protect ourselves. It wastes your energy and makes your tired. If you can, move your seat.
  • Do not place you seat around the electronic device (computer, printer, fax machine, and air conditioner)
  •  If there is one passage at front of your seat. A lot of people will pass the passage whole day. That will cause the flowing energy and influence your energy and magnetic field. In that case, you cannot focus on your work and make mistake easily. If you can, pls change your seat, unless you are the reception.

Hope those feng shui tips and feng shui rules of office room could bring good fortune for you. Good Luck!

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