Feng shui tools Loupan feng shui compass introduction(罗盘)

As you known the feng shui compass (Chinese name is Luopan (罗盘). It is key tool for feng shui masters and practitioner. The function of luopan is to determine the precise direction of building’s structure or other items. But luopan is different with a compass.

There are 4 major components of Luopan:

  1. Center of heaven dial (we also call it as seabed, the needle of a luopan points to the south magnetic pole. The Chinese word for compass translates to “pointing-south needle.” It consists of needle, magnetic needle, scale line and the cover. The arrow of magnetic needle point to south. at the bottom of dial, there is one red line called seabed line. There are 2 red spots on each side of the red line. During using, the magnetic needle shall be paralleled with red seabed line.

    feng shui luopan
    feng shui luopan
  2. The Red Cross hairs which attached on the outer pallet of luopan.
  3. The inner disc which can rotate around the center of south magnetic pole and Feng Shui formulas embedded in concentric rings on the surface. One ring called one layer, various content of feng shui marked on the disc. It is one key component of Luopan. The content of disc maybe different according to different type luopan.
  4. The outer pallet which use to support the inner disc and south magnetic pole. On the outer pallet there are Red Cross hairs.

    feng shui luopan feng shui compass
    feng shui luopan feng shui compass

Luopan is called direction disc. 24 mountains direction ring is often used. They are Ren壬、Zi子、Gui癸、Chou丑、Gen艮、Yin寅、Jia甲、Mao卯、Yi乙、Chen辰、Xun巽、Si巳、Bing丙、Wu午、Ding丁、Wei未、Kun坤、Shen申、Geng庚、You酉、Xin辛、Xu戌、Qian乾. There are 3 mountains direction rings consist the 24 mountains direction ring. There are inner disc (Earth disc), middle disc (Human disc) and outer disc (heaven disc)

Earth disc used for measuring the direction of the buildings;Human disc used for evaluate the mountain, tree, wall, tower and chimney;Heaven disc used for assess the way of water including river, pool, well, washing room and windows and so on.

Luopan are made from many different materials. As the development of software, there are a lot of software of Luopan can be installed on your PC and mobile phone. It is more easy for you to use. Have a try if you want and get one mobile phone software application of luopan. In next session we will talk about the usage of luopan. Good luck!

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