How to Use the Luopan feng shui compass

How Do I Take the Right Feng Shui luopan Compass Reading?

Some tips before using compass:

  1. Remove all metal material and electronic devices from your body (such as mobile phone, radio and so on). Those things with magnetic field that will influence measuring result.
  2. Measuring location shall far away from metal material and electrical equipment;
  3. Keep the luopan compass horizontal.
  4. Inspect the luopan and needle. Do not use the damaged luopan or bent needle.

Usage steps:

  1. Establish the sitting and facing directions of the building.

    feng shui luopan usage step 1
    feng shui luopan usage step 1
  2. Remove all jewelry and any metal (i.e., belt buckles, etc.) that could affect the magnetic reading.
  3. Stand outside facing the building at least 10 feet back from it; away from electrical power sources and cars or any other large metal objects.
  4. Standing straight, with your body parallel to the building’s exterior wall, hold your compass at waist level. The vertical cross hairs (red strings) indicate the facing and sitting directions of the building. Modify the Luopan Compass and ensure the red strings parallel to the building.

    feng shui luopan compass usage step
    feng shui luopan compass usage step
  5. Use your finger turn the inner plate. The heaven dial (the center of compass) will rotate with inner plate. Align the feather of magnetic needle with seabed line feather dots red line at the bottom.

    feng shui compass usage step
    feng shui compass usage step
  6. Take several compass readings from different parts of the property until you are sure of an accurate one.

Keep your luopan feng shui compass in good condition. Keep it away from high temperature and electrical device. Store it in a horizontal position. Meanwhile as the software development, you can install luopan feng shui compass software on your PC or mobile phone. It will be very easy to use the advanced software following the instruction step by step. GOOD LUCK!

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