Feng shui color tips in the house

During decoration houses, a lot of people will choose the color which they liked. but do you know how dose the color influence your home feng shui. Today, we will discuss about feng shui color tips. Colors can be used to create harmonic environment of your home and bring good fortune for you and your family. So the choice of color is very important. Are there any standard we can follow to choose the color? The answer is yes. A lot of people choose the color which they like. But sometimes the color you chose will break the harmonious down. Of course, there is no need to paint all walls and furniture per feng shui tips. But keep in mind that the color of main objects shall be matched with your Birth chart. The main objects shall including wall, curtain and floor. It is difficult to change the color of those objects once you made. It also will cost too much money if you change. You shall think that you can change the color of sofa, table and cabinet to get harmonious. But the color of those objects has limited effort to change feng shui.

Different people with different Birth chart match different color. But when peoples with different birth chart are living together you can follow below feng shui tips.

  1. The main color of your home shall match with the person who is the economic pillar.
  2. chose warm and neutral color, such as cream-color or yellow;
  3. For Private space, you can choose the color which match with your Birth chart. Such as your own study room and bed room;

Red and black colors are not suitable for main color of your home.

Red color is positive color with passion (Yang). But sometimes the red color causes the people anxious and get angry easily. Black color is negative color (Yin) cause people to feel down in the dumps.

Reference table for different birth season and birth chart


Color matrix per feng shui tips
Color matrix per feng shui tips

Above table only for reference, you can choose the color that you liked. We recommend you that pay more attention to the colors of main objects which could create good and bad feng shui. GOOD LUCK!

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