How to choose a desk that can increase Wenchang Yun

There are many kinds of desks on the market now. How to choose a desk with good feng shui

first of all, we should choose according to the Feng Shui nature of the study. The study is a place to study and work. The main purpose of the layout of the study furniture is to help the prosperous Wenchang position. The five behaviors of Wenchang star are wood. Therefore, wood should also be selected for the desk, and it is better to be solid wood, not synthetic board, so that Wenchang star is more prosperous

secondly, choose the color according to the individual five elements. For example, the person whose five elements belong to fire is suitable for the vermilion desk; (5) brown, black, gray or white desks may be considered for drinking water; Five acts of gold, you can consider a white or slightly yellow desk; Five lines of wood, you can consider a slightly cyan color, but the desk is wood, as long as you don’t use white, the natural color of wood is a good choice

in addition, choose a painted desk. The paint smell should not be too heavy, otherwise it will damage personal health

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