Knowledge of Feng Shui in indoor floor decoration

The decoration of indoor ground has a lot of Feng Shui stress and a lot of feng shui knowledge. Only before we understand these knowledge can we better create a good feng shui environment. Therefore, you can’t despise the decoration of Feng Shui on the ground! In that case, you might as well learn some feng shui knowledge of home interior floor decoration

floor material

nowadays, there are more and more choices of floor materials. Some people like ceramic tile floors, some people like marble floors, and some people prefer wood floors. In life, ceramic tile floor is the best use; However, different rooms have different requirements for the floor. For example, marble floor should not be used in the bedroom, because marble is where the cold is pressing. From the perspective of Feng Shui, marble is too cold. The use of such floor in the bedroom will only reduce the warmth of the bedroom, affect the feelings of husband and wife, reduce the enthusiasm between husband and wife, and so on. In this way, it may also affect each other’s feelings. Visible bedroom is not suitable for the use of marble floors! Relatively speaking, wooden floors are more suitable for bedrooms. Because the wooden floor is full of the breath of nature, it can make the atmosphere of the bedroom comfortable. In addition, the log colored floor is also helpful for the feelings of husband and wife, which can improve the feelings of happiness

in the living room, marble floor or ceramic tile floor can be used, which can make the living room look more atmospheric, which is conducive to the development of home transportation and the reputation of home transportation

the color of the ground

of course, the color of the ground has to pay attention to Feng Shui. After all, the color of the ground is closely related to the feng shui of the home. What color of the ground will form what kind of Feng Shui aura. Therefore, in any case, we should pay attention to the feng shui of large ground color. Generally speaking, the color of the ground is not too dark; Many people like to use black floors, because black is dirt resistant. Instead of being too dark, it will form a depressing atmosphere, affecting the mental health of their families and the development of their fortunes. Therefore, it is very bad to use black floors. You can choose warm yellow, beige and other colors as the color of the ground, which is more in line with the feng shui of home

“gt; the ground needs to be flat before the decoration is good. But in life, many people like to decorate some uneven ground, or decorate some stairs indoors, resulting in the floor of the living room and restaurant not on the same plane. In fact, such decoration violates the principle of Feng Shui and is not conducive to the Feng Shui aura of home

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