What should we pay attention to when putting the furniture in the living room

The living room is a place for families to get together. If it is properly arranged, the whole family can also benefit. In particular, most of the common residential units in Hong Kong are designed with an area of only 50 square meters. If careful consideration is given before furnishing furniture, the bad feng shui pattern can be avoided

below, I will introduce the general taboos of living room layout

don’t have too much furniture

if the living room is small, avoid placing large sofas, dining tables, combination cabinets, bookcases, audio equipment and electric fans, because crowded furnishings of furniture will make the living room ” Flow line ” ; Not smooth, the so-called ” Flow line ” ; It refers to the passage for people to walk. If the passage is narrow and seven turns and eight turns, it will not only be easy to cause collision, but also lead to poor financial luck of the family

there is no backer behind the sofa

the sofa should be placed like a desk. There should be a backer behind it, that is, it is safe to have a solid wall. If the back of the sofa is a window, door or passage, and the back is empty, it will cause ” A loose situation ” , It is difficult to make a fortune. Those who sit and lie for a long time are more likely to suffer from all kinds of minor diseases, which affect the whole family; If someone in the family has bad luck, the impact will be more serious. If the sofa at home is difficult to be placed with its back against the solid wall, put a low cabinet or screen behind the sofa as ” Artificial backer, It can be remedied

the sofa should be placed in the auspicious position

the sofa is the central position of a family’s daily activities. If placed in the auspicious position, the whole family can also be infected with the prosperity of this position. If the sofa can be placed in the wealth position in one room, it is the most beneficial, because sitting and lying in the wealth position for a long time can not only improve the overall wealth of the family, but also make everyone particularly healthy; If you put the peach blossom on the sofa, you can improve the popularity of your family

on the contrary, if the sofa is wrongly placed in an unlucky position, the whole family will suffer. The unlucky position especially refers to the sick position. If the family sits here for a long time, it is not only easy to quarrel, but also the wealth and health will be damaged. Therefore, even if the sofa cannot be placed in the wealth position, it should be ensured to avoid being placed in the sick position

check the location of good or bad luck at home

to find out the location of good or bad luck at home, it needs to involve the construction year and sitting direction of the building to make a calculation. Due to many variables, it is often necessary to ask the master of metaphysics to investigate in person. However, you can find out the direction of the fortune star, peach blossom star, disease star and right and wrong star every year. Although the lucky and evil stars of fleeting years have less far-reaching impact on the family fortune than the direction of permanent good and evil, they still have an impact on the family fortune every year. Therefore, it is suggested that you should also pay attention to them


if the sofa is placed in the wrong position, it’s best to move it as soon as possible. If it’s inconvenient, there are the following remedies ” mdash” mdash; If it is in the five yellow disaster star position (serious) or two black disease star position (mild), a wide and long copper piece can be placed under the sofa; if it is in the non star position of SANBI, which represents the noisy lawsuit, nine leafless red roses can be placed near the sofa, or a red cushion can be placed on the sofa, or a red carpet can be placed on the ground for dissolution

the carpet in the living room should be colorful

some people like to place a large carpet on the floor within the sofa range to beautify the home and highlight the dominant position of the sofa in the living room. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the carpet under the sofa should be colorful, because if the color is too monotonous, it will not only darken the living room, but also make it difficult to give full play to the effect of prosperity. In short, there is no mistake in choosing bright colors and auspicious patterns

make good use of fans to create Feng Shui

the so-called ” Feng Shui, That is to emphasize the balance, stability and exuberance of Qi, that is, the balance of energy. In Feng Shui, the energy that is difficult to feel is the magnetic field effect of orientation, while the energy that is easier to feel is wind (the flow of air) and water (the flow of liquid). The houses that the ancients sought must be well matched with wind and water; As for modern people, if we make good use of electric fans, we can achieve the positive impact of wind and water

here’s how to use to create a good home feng shui pattern

wind can be divided into natural wind and man-made wind. In a room, if the wind is too strong in some places, but not in others, you can use the electric fan to adjust the air flow and evenly disperse the air flow to different corners of the home

generally speaking, installing a ceiling fan can spread the air flow evenly from top to bottom, bringing the effect most in line with the air field of heaven and earth. However, it should be noted that sofas or beds for people to sit and lie under the ceiling fan, otherwise ” Top BRAKE ” ; The situation. In addition, the floor under which the ceiling fan is installed must have a certain height. If the floor is too low, the ceiling fan will be prone to headache or neuralgia. Therefore, if the floor is not high enough, it is better to place the floor fan

before placing the electric fan, it is necessary to find out the position of the incoming and outgoing wind, and pay attention to that there can be no foul gas behind the fan, such as the foul gas from the kitchen, toilet and garbage can, because the foul gas will blow with the fan to the whole house and make the health of the family worse and worse; It is best to place plants near the fan, so that the fresh air sent by the plants can be transported to every corner of the room with the wind, so as to make the residents healthier and happier

avoid the location of fleeting diseases

it is not suitable to turn on the electric fan in the direction where the five yellow and two black disease stars fly every year, because the five yellow and two black belong to soil, while the general electrical appliances themselves belong to fire, which will make the disease more serious. If you turn on the electric fan, it will spread the air flow in the nearby area, that is, it will improve the flow of disease gas, which is really worse, The electric fan must be removed as soon as possible

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