How to put the bookcase is conducive to transportation

For the bookcase in the study, it is best to choose a bookcase with relatively flexible design, that is, the upper part is a bookshelf and the lower part is a closet with a door. In terms of material, it is best to choose a wooden structure, which has natural vitality and is also conducive to the storage of books

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the bookcase belongs to Yin and the desk belongs to Yang. In order to balance yin and Yang, the bookcase and desk should be placed opposite each other, but they should be separated by a certain distance. Otherwise, learners’ back against the bookcase will feel like the top of the mountain, and it is not conducive to reading books

in addition, since the bookcase is Yin, direct sunlight should also be avoided, otherwise it will cause an uncoordinated pattern of Yin-Yang collision in Feng Shui, which is easy to lead to quarrels and fights between families. At the same time, avoiding direct sunlight in the bookcase is also more conducive to the collection and preservation of books. However, it should also be noted that the bookcase should not be located in a too dark place. It should fully ensure the dryness, ventilation and ventilation of the bookcase, and leave a certain gap between the books, which is conducive to the preservation of books and easy for readers to read. The books in the bookcase are well preserved, which also plays a beneficial role in Feng Shui in the study

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