Why shouldn’t lamps be installed above the sofa

When some residents decorate the lighting of the living room, in order to ensure that the living room is bright enough and facilitate visitors to see clearly, they generally like to decorate the lighting above the sofa and irradiate the lighting directly on the sofa

but in fact, being upright on the sofa is a kind of Feng Shui that is extremely bad for the light, because people sitting on the sofa will feel dizzy when they are directly lit by the light, just like their heads are baked by the sun. For many years, it will also make people have scars on their faces and affect their nervous system

if it is the light column embedded in the ceiling, it will penetrate people’s body like a sword, and the Lord will suffer a disaster of blood and light. Therefore, when arranging the lighting of the living room, do not arrange direct lighting above the sofa. Of course, avoid arranging direct lighting at other seats, such as above the recliner. If it is a wall lamp, avoid direct exposure to people

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