How to keep the bookcase in good condition

Bookcase is the most prosperous furniture in the study, but how to maintain the bookcase’s Wenchang transportation for a long time? This requires the study owner to work hard on the details

first of all, the books in the bookcase should not be placed too much or too full. In this way, it is easy to wrinkle and damage the books when placing and taking them, and the books are not well preserved, which is the biggest damage to Wenchang transportation; And there are too many books in the bookcase, which is not conducive to the smooth airflow of the bookcase, and it is easy to interrupt people’s thinking

secondly, the books in the bookcase must be reasonable and orderly, and different types of books should be placed appropriately. The placement of books on Feng Shui has a very important impact on people’s thinking. If they are placed orderly, their thinking will be organized and their logic will be clearer. The ancients attached great importance to the placement of books and classified books

in addition, bookcases must be regularly cleaned and kept clean. Books are most afraid of the attack of turbid air, otherwise it will affect the readers’ acceptance ability. Moreover, bookcases do not pay attention to hygiene, which is easy to attract dust and insects in books. These things will make the air in the study very poor and affect the health of family members