What are the taboos of family Feng Shui painting

Many people like to hang some Feng Shui paintings at home. So what are the taboos of home feng shui painting in Feng Shui? What are the taboos of hanging Feng Shui paintings in the bedroom? What are the taboos of hanging Feng Shui paintings? Here are the taboos of Feng Shui painting.

What are the taboos of home feng shui painting

1. First of all, we should pay attention to the role of the five elements of Feng Shui painting:

For example, for people who avoid water, there is a picture of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River hanging in the living room. The picture itself has five elements, including good and bad luck. Therefore, when hanging the picture, we should pay special attention to whether it is consistent with the fate of the family members who represent that position at home.

2. If you want water, you can put a picture of the nine rivers or a picture with water:

If you want fire, you can hang red peony paintings, if you want wood, you can hang some plant paintings, if you want gold, you can hang pictures such as icebergs, and if you want earth, you can hang a picture of the Great Wall.

3. If you want to hang a landscape painting, you should pay attention to the flow direction of water potential:

Do not flow towards the house, but towards the house. Water is generally considered to be about money in Feng Shui, so water inflow means money inflow, and water outflow means money outflow.

If there is a boat in the landscape painting, the bow of the boat should be inward, which symbolizes attracting money and treasure. If it is outside the house, it means losing money and bad luck. Generally, when hanging pictures about galloping horses, you should also pay attention to the horse head facing the house.

But if you hang a picture of a beast, such as a lion or a tiger, you’d better not turn your head towards the house, which is easy to have a bad impact on family members and make people feel flustered and depressed.

4. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is not suitable to hang some paintings with bleak artistic conception at home:

It is easy to make people lifeless, create decadent artistic conception for people, and it is easy to lose a good mood for a long time.

Taboo of hanging Feng Shui paintings in the bedroom

  • 1. The hanging paintings at the head of the bed in the bedroom should not be too large, but exquisite ones are better. The hanging picture at the head of the bed in the bedroom can add elegance to the bedroom, but it must be light and short. Therefore, you must not choose the hanging picture with thick and large frame. In case the hook is loose and falls, it is very dangerous, so remember to be careful. It’s best to hang the picture on the opposite wall, or hang it on the side, and choose the high and low position with the visual feeling as the reference.
  • 2. You can’t choose black tone or too dark color for the hanging pictures in the bedroom. The bedroom is a place to rest, which should be a warm and comfortable feeling. However, such paintings seem to have a heavy sense of depression, which is easy to make people depressed, pessimistic and lack of vitality. Moreover, it is also easy to make people unable to sleep at night, resulting in the tragedy of insomnia every day.
  • 3. The picture of the setting sun sinking to the West should not be selected for the hanging picture in the bedroom, such as the picture of the setting sun, ” The setting sun is infinitely good, just near dusk, Although the artistic conception is very beautiful, it has the moral of sinking and poor, which indicates that people can’t afford to sleep. In fact, it is a poor work. You can’t choose messy and inexplicable pictures for hanging pictures in the bedroom. Some abstract art pictures are too dark, messy and difficult to understand. If they are hung in the bedroom, they will make the family unstable in mood and luck, so it’s best not to hang them.
  • 4. It’s not suitable to choose monsters and abrupt objects for hanging pictures in the bedroom. Flood refers to pictures such as waterfalls, which will affect wealth and flow thousands of miles. Beasts refer to pictures of tigers descending the mountain and eagles attacking food, which are easy to make people unlucky and harmful to health. Abrupt objects refer to vultures, boulders and other subjects, which should not be hung, and cat paintings should not be hung. In this way, it is likely to cause harm, indicating that theft may occur at home.
  • 5. The bedroom should not be hung with Buddha, Bodhisattva and religious paintings, which is easy to affect the relationship between family members, especially the love between husband and wife. If either party is too fanatical about religion, it will affect their feelings. For a happy family, the key points of religious and Buddhist paintings are up to now. Don’t hang too much, and don’t hang too much in the bedroom.

What are the taboos of hanging Feng Shui paintings

  • 1. pictures with too dark color or too much black cannot be bought. These paintings look heavy and make people depressed, pessimistic and lack of motivation.
  • 2. It is not suitable to hang more than one abstract figure painting, because it will make the family’s emotions repeated, psychological imbalance and easy to be nervous.
  • Third, it is not suitable to hang the big head portrait of the deceased relatives, because it will make you do things to increase the pressure.
  • 3. it is not suitable to hang pictures such as waterfalls, because the family members of these paintings have repeated luck.
  • 4. don’t hang too many red portraits, because it will make the family vulnerable to injury or grumpy
  • 5. pictures painted with fierce beasts should not be purchased, otherwise the health of the family will be poor.
  • 6. Don’t hang the painting with the sunset sinking in the west, so this kind of painting has the effect of reducing the momentum.

It is not easy to hang some pictures with depressed artistic conception in the living room. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is not suitable to hang such pictures. These paintings include sunset reference, bleak leaves, old ducks with dead trees, walking alone, desolate homes in the middle of winter, and fierce beasts fighting each other. If such calligraphy and painting are hung at home, it will appear gloomy, listless, gray and lifeless.

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