Exterior feng shui-The importance of Road in feng shui

We had discussed many feng shui tips inside the house. Per feng shui principle, feng shui not only be determined by the inside of house, but also outside feng shui. If your house around negative feng shui, it is difficult to get positive feng shui inside house. So today will talk about the Exterior feng shui-the importance of road in feng shui.

The importance of road in feng shui
The importance of road in feng shui

The corresponding position of houses and roads has critical influence on home feng shui. The negative feng shui from road can affect the fortune of home.

Positive Chi shall be harmonic and peaceful energy. It can flow freely and lightly like breeze. People will feel very comfortable in positive energy field.

Strong and quick flow, stagnated flow in dark corner are negative feng shui energy Chi. (Click here to see the definition of Chi Qi feng shui energy)

Per the definition of positive and negative Chi feng shui energy, we can determine which corresponding positions of the house and the road are good for us.

So if there are strong and fast Chi flow rush to your house, those strong and fast flow shall be considered as negative feng shui energy Chi. because it will cause unstable feng shui energy around your home.

We can imagine running car as the water of river. The road with many fast running cars can be considered as a raging river. I think nobody want to swimming in raging river. So we shall keep our home away from the “raging road” or using some feng shui tips to reduce the influence from “raging road” to get peaceful and harmonic environments around our home.

There are many situation considered as negative feng shui home position.

  1. House facing oncoming road. For example, house facing T-junction road, Y-junction road and L shape road.
  2. House close to straight road with many fast running car.
  3. House locates at Bottom of “U”shape road.

hope thoes feng shui tips could help you to get good and positive feng shui energy.

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