How about the front door and the back door

There are many strange houses. As soon as we open the front door, we immediately see the back door, just as we can see through a person’s face, but we can see through the back of his head. This kind of house is basically a fierce house

Chinese geomantic omen talks about the accumulation of wind and gas, and only when there is gas can there be luck and energy. Like this house with front door and back door, it must be that the front gas comes and then goes away, and it can’t keep the gas at all. After living in this kind of house for a long time, not only can’t make money and save money, but also health will encounter every situation. Of course, when the gas is vented, the luck will slide like a slide, getting worse day by day

the simplest solution is to close the door. It’s no problem to open one door for a long time, or it’s no problem to open one door for a long time and get in and out of another door accidentally. Secondly, install a screen in the front or back to block the breath

when choosing a house, remember to look at the location of the back door and the front door

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