What materials are better for kitchen decoration

For safety reasons, avoid using wood in the kitchen to avoid accidental inflammation, which also has a certain impact on house transportation. In addition, it is not suitable to choose wood decoration materials from the kitchen. Moreover, the wood products in the kitchen should be far away from the stove, and the materials of kitchen walls, stoves and cabinets should have certain flame retardant properties

as for the kitchen floor, although the kitchen belongs to fire, it consumes a lot of water, and it is also a place to hide dirt and breed bacteria. Only when the kitchen floor is kept clean can it bring good feng shui. In addition to diligent cleaning, material selection is also crucial

mosaic has good waterproof performance. Most people think it is more suitable to shop in the kitchen. However, from the perspective of Feng Shui, mosaic has many small gaps, which is not easy to keep clean, and the kitchen will be affected by the foul air. The dirty environment will have a very adverse impact on residential Feng Shui, not to mention in the kitchen? As the saying goes ” Illness comes from the mouth, The mosaic floor is untidy, the bacteria in the gap and the turbidity in the air will invade into the food, and the family is easy to get sick

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