Why can’t the kitchen be set in the same door as the bathroom

Food is the source of life. The kitchen is the place for cooking and plays a very important role in home feng shui. The kitchen should keep ventilated and tidy and absorb more clean air and auspicious atmosphere. This is not only for the hygiene of kitchen food, but also for the good feng shui of the kitchen

however, in modern residential design, due to the limitation of residential area, in order to make full use of space, many designs set the kitchen and bathroom in one door, and then set a bathroom after the kitchen goes in. This practice violates the Feng Shui principle and will have an adverse impact on residential transportation. This is because the kitchen is required to be clean, and the bathroom is a dirty place. If it is in the same door, the foul gas will spread to the kitchen, affect the smell of food, and lead to no appetite when eating.

in addition, the foul gas will collide with the wealth of the kitchen and stove, resulting in the decline of household wealth and sometimes no family income. Therefore, in the housing design, the kitchen and bathroom should be separated as far as possible, and the kitchen and bathroom should not enter and leave at the same door

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