The kitchen is in the north. How about Feng Shui

The kitchen is our daily cooking place and a common place. In residential Feng Shui, the kitchen is naturally one of the very important places. In residential geomantic omen, the kitchen is the Treasury of the house, and the kitchen geomantic omen also affects the residential geomantic omen. Today, let’s explain in detail how the kitchen is in the North geomantic omen

How about Feng Shui in the north of the kitchen

1. Affect your health

if the design direction of the stove faces the north, it will generally have a certain impact on the pattern of the whole house. The north is a cloudy and cold place. Generally speaking, it is not suitable to drive north, which will make the popularity of the family leak out. Over time, the atmosphere of the family will be changed. If the Yin Qi is too heavy and the Yang Qi is insufficient, the health of the host will be affected

in geomantic omen, the kitchen should not be in the north. In geomantic omen, the north is a cloudy and cold place. Generally speaking, the kitchen stove should not be in the north. Such arrangement will cause the popularity of the family to flow out, with excessive Yin Qi and insufficient Yang Qi, which will affect the health of the host

moreover, in residential Feng Shui, the northern part of the house is kangua, which represents the position of middle-aged men. It is mainly related to the fortune of middle-aged men at home and the health problems of kidney, intestine, bladder and ears. In residential Feng Shui, the northern kangua is also known as Caishan and backer. If the kitchen is in the north, Feng Shui has a negative impact on the fortune and health of middle-aged men in the house

moreover, in Feng Shui, the north is the kangua position, and the five elements belong to water, which is also a relatively humid position. The kitchen is the place where fire is used, and the fire and gas are heavy. If the kitchen is in the north, it will lead to the conflict between water and fire, which has a bad impact on residential Feng Shui. Therefore, the gas stove and the equipment to use fire should not be located in the middle of the north, otherwise it will increase the ferocity of this position

moreover, the kitchen in this position is easy to make the family suffer from urinary system or mental diseases, and also make the men in the family weak and sick

“gt; and

“gt; reduce the fortune of the kitchen and the family to the north. As we all know, the pattern of the house is better to face the south. The south is a auspicious place of Feng Shui and can avoid the attack of yin and cold. Therefore, facing the south is the benefit of Feng Shui. If the stove faces the north, it is just the opposite of Feng Shui pattern and naturally affects the luck. If the kitchen stove in the home is northward, from the perspective of Feng Shui, it will greatly reduce the wealth and career luck in the home

3. Reduce interpersonal relationship

the layout and decoration style of a home are also closely related to interpersonal relationship. As we all know, a well decorated house, friends will prefer to visit, and vice versa. When there are more friends, there will be more opportunities, and of course, they will help themselves more. The pattern of the stove going north is relatively cold and unpleasant, so friends naturally come to visit less. It will also reduce the popularity of the family and lead to the decline of the owner’s interpersonal relationship

how to dissolve the stove northward

1. Hang the five emperors’ money to dissolve the stove northward Feng Shui

the stove northward will not only drain money, but also be harmful to the health of the owner of the house, especially the health of men at home. If the stove is to the north, we can choose a string of five emperors’ money and hang it on the door of the kitchen

hanging five emperors’ money on the kitchen door can not only serve as a town for the house, but also suppress the Yin evil gas in the kitchen and prevent this Yin evil gas from having an irreversible impact on the home

2. Place Taishan Petrochemical solution stove to North Feng Shui

in Mount Tai, there is a well-known folk story: there are warriors at the foot of Mount Tai, surnamed Shi, who are brave, have high martial arts skills, and have the courage to step forward to eliminate demons for the people

over time, the people in the mountains engraved his name on stones and stood in the house as a treasure of the town, in order to ward off evil spirits and keep safe in and out

Mount Tai stone can be seen in many homes and has a good moral. Mount Tai stone also has the effect of avoiding evil spirits and restraining houses in Feng Shui. If the stove in the home is northward, if it is not remedied, it is easy to affect the luck of the male owner and the wealth of the house. If you put a Taishan stone in the kitchen, it can inject earth gas to a certain extent and play a role in resolving it

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