Why can’t the bed locker be empty

Now, in order to make use of space, many beds are designed with lockers, some at the head of the bed and some at the bed. The original intention of the design is to make use of space and storage convenience, but in fact, it has a certain impact on Feng Shui. The locker of the bed must not be vacant, because the bed is a place to carry people’s health and fortune. A thick bed can stabilize the owner’s health and career

if the bedside locker is empty, then you commit ” Overhead void ” ; Taboos may lead to poor energy, headache and other conditions; If the bed locker is vacant, it is a ” Subknee void ” ; May suffer from foot pain, arthritis and other diseases, and also have a certain impact on the development of the career

in addition, the items in the locker of the bed must be neat and orderly, and it is best to be relatively full. The dirty smell inside cannot affect the owner’s sleep. If you can’t use the bed locker, you shouldn’t choose this kind of bed

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