Which decorative items cannot be set near the bookcase

The decorations near the bookcase must be set up in line with the way of Feng Shui

first of all, items, especially glass products and metal products, should not be placed on the top of the bookcase. These ornaments belong to gold and will restrain the feng shui of the bookcase of wood; Animal bone decorations such as ox horn products and ivory products will produce evil Qi and press on the top of the bookcase to inhibit the prosperity of Wenchang

secondly, the pictures and hanging pictures on both sides of the bookcase shall not contain naked pictures, obscene pictures and pictures of gods and ghosts. These pictures may have heavy turbidity or Yin, which is not conducive to Feng Shui in the study; It’s not easy for people to pay attention to the pictures posted by the bookcase, which makes it difficult for them to pay attention

thirdly, the wind chime should not be hung next to the bookcase. The five elements of the wind chime are mostly gold, which is easy to restrain the bookcase’s prosperity. Feng Shui is also a symbol of dynamics, and it makes a sound with the wind, which is easy to disturb people’s thinking

finally, do not have empty nails near the study. Empty nails will nail the Wenchang Yun of the bookcase, making it difficult to act on people

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