What if the window faces the drain

In modern residential quarters, you can often see that the outer wall of the house is covered with dense drainage pipes. From a distance, it looks like centipedes, which is called “in Feng Shui”; Centipede evil spirit, In addition, all kinds of pipes in the bathroom are arranged together, which also constitutes a centipede brake

Yes ” Centipede evil spirit ” ; Your home or you can see ” Centipede evil spirit ” ; Yes, it will have a bad impact on the health of homeowners, especially prone to intestinal diseases, such as appendicitis or appendicitis, especially in families with children; Centipede evil spirit ” ; It will also cause children’s mental problems

dissolve the ” Centipede evil spirit, You can use chicken ornaments to face the direction of evil Qi, or use Feng Shui plants, such as iron tree, evergreen or Kaiyun bamboo, which can effectively block the evil Qi

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