Precautions for bed placement in bedroom

The placement of beds in Feng Shui is very particular, and poor placement will affect the happiness of marriage

① bed to door: many bedrooms in the home can see the bed as soon as they enter the door, which will make the people living inside feel insecure. Because the bedroom is a relatively secret place, seeing the bed as soon as they enter the door will make people feel very unstable, and it will affect people’s sleep for a long time, which will be detrimental to the relationship between husband and wife

② the bed is under the window: in some homes, in order to let the outside light shine on the bed, the bed is placed under the window. If some bedrooms are large floor to ceiling windows and the outside buildings are close to their own windows, you can really see everything in your bedroom, not only everything on the bed, but also everything in the bedroom. For example, there is a strong light shining on the bed outside, A long time will affect your health and other aspects, so pay more attention

③ the bed should not be opposite by a mirror: if there is a mirror opposite the bed in the bedroom, it will upset the people lying on the bed. Moreover, the mirror has evil spirit and will provoke evil spirits. Over time, it will affect people’s health and your luck, and it is easier to make the relationship between husband and wife disharmonious. Please note that the mirror mentioned here is not only a dressing mirror, but also a TV or computer screen

people spend nearly one third of their life in bed, which plays a very important role in Feng Shui. Whether it is the direction of the bed, the shape of the bed, the height of the bed and the material of the bed, we need to pay great attention to it, because it can directly affect our health or indirectly affect marriage

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