Bedroom bed placement Feng Shui

In addition to the consideration of orientation, the placement of the bed should also cooperate with the specific situation of the bedroom in order to be placed in the best place of Feng Shui. So how to place Feng Shui on the bed

First ” Something to rely on ” , In other words, there must be a wall behind the bed. Bed is a place for people to rest. They need a sense of security most. Only when the head of the bed is against the wall can they fall asleep safely, which is conducive to health

next ” Have something to rely on ” , That is to say, it’s better to lean against the wall on one side of the bed, so as to have a more sense of security, and the bed is like a warm embrace, giving people a more warm feeling. A reliable bed can not only bring people a sense of safety, but also play a role in helping transportation. The bed owner may feel a force to help transportation in his life and work, which may be the Feng Shui Effect of sleeping in a stable bed every night

of course, you may not be able to do ” Have something to rely on ” , And ” Something to rely on ” , Then you must ” sleep in bed at this time; Something to rely on ” , That is, the head of the bed must be next to the wall. It’s ” a crime to lean on Feng Shui at the head of the bed; Mind hanging in the air ” ; For a long time, it will not only affect health, but also affect the development of thinking

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