What’s particular about Feng Shui in modern kitchen stoves

In geomantic omen, the kitchen stove is the place that needs to pay attention to geomantic omen most, because the geomantic omen of the kitchen stove is related to our fortune, and the kitchen stove is also the key to our family’s wealth. Therefore, we must not treat the geomantic omen of the kitchen stove carelessly, and we should all know how to pay attention to the geomantic omen of the kitchen stove and the geomantic omen of the kitchen stove. So what is the geomantic omen of the modern kitchen stove? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

first, the stove should not be on the toilet

the Feng Shui direction of the stove should not be on the toilet. The stove is a place for cooking. The most important thing is cleanliness and hygiene. For the sake of elegance and Feng Shui, the stove cannot be set up opposite to the toilet. In addition, sharing a wall is also not allowed. There are a lot of dirt and bacteria in the toilet. The five elements belong to water, while the cooking fume in the kitchen belongs to fire. The Feng Shui in the two spaces is not good. For example, it is a big taboo

II. Balance between yin and Yang

the kitchen is a place where water and fire collide. If the two can be balanced and coexist harmoniously, it will be conducive to the prosperity of the home. The kitchen is a Yin area, a place for storing food, not an area often used by the whole family. However, if a corner of the kitchen is used as a temporary dining area, it can increase the Yang of the kitchen and balance the Yin and Yang of the kitchen

III. avoid kitchen stoves and direct attack from the door

in the traditional Chinese Feng Shui concept, kitchen stoves are considered to be the place where a family cooks food and feeds its life, so they should not be led by the door

the stove should not face the door. The stove should not face the door or close to the window, because if the gas stove and LPG stove are blown out by the wind, liquefied gas will leak, which is very dangerous

Fourth, the stove should not be reversed

since the stove mouth is opposite to the sitting direction of the house, for example, if the house is sitting in the South and North, while the stove mouth is sitting in the north and south, it is unlucky. Avoid being opposite to the door: the kitchen stove is a place for making fire and cooking, which is very dry and hot. Therefore, it should not be opposite to the door, otherwise it will be unfavorable to the people in the room

v. the stove should not be against the window

the stove should be against the wall behind and should not be empty, especially against the windowsill. The windowsill receives gas. Although it is conducive to ventilation and exhaust turbid gas, being close to the stove will lead to unstable fire source. If it is close to the windowsill, it may be disturbed by the evil spirit of the surrounding buildings. It is unfavorable to cooking and affects Feng Shui. Where the stove, avoid the window light, the main culprit. Therefore, the Feng Shui orientation of the stove should be set in the dark

VI. the kitchen stove cannot face the kitchen door or bedroom door

the five elements of the kitchen stove belong to fire, so its orientation must not face the kitchen door or bedroom door. As we all know, fire means dryness. If the kitchen stove is facing the kitchen door, feng shui will easily cause the family to be grumpy, resulting in family discord. If the kitchen stove is facing the bedroom door. The anger in the kitchen will enter the bedroom, and the excessive anger will form a bad spirit, which has a certain adverse impact on people’s health, and it may also easily lead to marital discord, unhappiness in family and marriage and so on

The so-called stove mouth originally refers to the firewood population of the stove. In terms of gas stove, it refers to the air inlet of the gas stove, which is located behind the ignition switch. The mouth of the stove should face the anger of the host or hostess as much as possible. If due to the limitation of kitchen design, it is impossible to face the furnace mouth to any auspicious side of parents, try to face the furnace mouth to the mother’s side, which can enhance the harmony of family relations

VIII. The stove cannot be directly adjacent to the sink and refrigerator

the water vapor generated by the sink and refrigerator conflicts with the fire and gas of the gas stove, so the gas stove should not be close to the sink or refrigerator, and the two should not be connected. There should be a cooking table in the middle to avoid the collision between water and fire. Moreover, Feng Shui believes that the refrigerator also represents a place to store and gather money. Its nature is water. It is most afraid of fire attack, which is easy to cause family members’ health problems

the way of stove is the top priority in kitchen Feng Shui, and even the core of kitchen Feng Shui. It has a decisive impact on the quality of kitchen Feng Shui. Of course, we must pay attention to the relevant stress on stove Feng Shui, and the above articles are the relevant articles on modern kitchen stove Feng Shui

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