Feng Shui and transformation of bathroom location

The traditional geomantic omen theory, in addition to pointing out that the good and bad luck of sanitary ware should be avoided, it is rarely mentioned about the specific location of sanitary ware, so there are many affiliated statements. So where should the bathroom be opened

the bathroom should not be opened in the southwest or northeast. The bathroom focuses on the incoming and outgoing water, and the water vapor is very heavy. The gengua is in the northeast and the Kun Gua is in the southwest. Its nature belongs to soil. The hexagram phase of the bathroom is water. If the water bathroom is located in the genfang and Kun Fang of the soil, it will have the adverse image of soil conquering water. Therefore, it is determined as a great evil, especially the health of the family will be damaged

the bathroom should not be opened in the center of the house. This statement has three reasons to explain :

first, according to ” Luo Shu ” ; Orientation, the center belongs to soil, and the bathroom belongs to water. If the bathroom belonging to water is set in the center of soil, the problem of soil conquering water will occur

Second, the bathroom is located in the center of the apartment, and the water supply and drainage may have to pass through other rooms, which is very difficult to maintain. If the sewage pipe also passes through other rooms, it will be even more annoying

Third, the center of the apartment is like the heart of the same person, which is very important. The heart can also be called ” Auspicious House ” ; Are you

the bathroom should not be opened in the south. Because of the South ” Fire ” ; Gas weight, and ” Water ” ; The bathroom with heavy Qi is incompatible with water and fire, so it is unlucky

the bathroom should be pressed on the evil side and not on the auspicious side

the bathroom should be hidden. Because the bathroom is considered to be a relatively private place, it should not be too much attention. The bathroom door should not be aligned with the door. The two are in a straight line, which is not only unsightly, but also contrary to the way of Feng Shui. Feng Shui believes that this will lead to a cluster of diseases, especially malignant tumors. Even if the bathroom is not facing the door, it should not be in the eye-catching place

if the bathroom orientation is bad, how to transform it? In terms of residential Feng Shui, sanitary ware causes the most frightening signs. Especially in the north of the house, or the northeast of what is called the back ghost gate, if you set up a bathroom, it will lead to bad results. In the feng shui of the house, in order to prevent the bathroom from bringing bad looks, it’s best to set it in the northwest, Southeast or East (from the center of the house). At the same time, we must avoid the position that contradicts the birth year of the host and hostess

if the bathroom is in the north or northeast, it must be moved to another location. Just avoid the center of the north by 15 degrees. In the northeast, just avoid 15 degrees in the Northeast (the range of ugliness) and 15 degrees in the Northeast Center (the range of Gen). Even if the whole bathroom is located in the north or northeast direction, as long as the position of the toilet deviates from these 15 degrees. If the toilet is located within this range, you can move the toilet without changing the bathroom

in addition to the north and northeast, the bathroom in the southwest also belongs to the appearance of evil. If you want to move, you can only move from the west to the northwest. Western sanitary ware is not very good, but as long as there is no one born in your birthday or married girl to live, there is no need to worry. For the sake of a comprehensive plan, you can move the toilet and urinal to the northwest, that is, the range of Ren or GUI. There should be no bathroom in the south. If there is, it’s best to move to the East, Southeast and northwest, because the south is the direction of daylighting. If the bathroom occupies this position, it may affect luck. If you move the position of the bathroom, you must not make it adjacent to the altar, otherwise it will become a ferocious appearance

in addition, if your house has a long corridor, you should pay attention to the relationship between the corridor and the bathroom. The bathroom should only be set at the edge of the corridor, not at the end of the corridor. This is indoor ” Road rush ” ; The bathroom is rushed by the corridor, which is a sign of great evil and is extremely harmful to the health of the family

in addition to the location of bathroom, bathroom feng shui should also pay attention to the following three points :

bathroom should not be changed to bedroom. Modern cities are narrow and densely populated, and an inch of land is like gold. Often, in order to save space, some families turn one bathroom into a bedroom to squeeze more people, but this violates the way of Feng Shui, and strictly speaking, it is not in line with environmental hygiene. It’s not suitable to sleep in the bathroom, so it’s not suitable to sleep in the bathroom. From the perspective of environmental sanitation, it is not appropriate, because although the bathroom on his floor is changed into a bedroom, it is not so upstairs and downstairs. In this way, the bedroom on his floor is sandwiched between the bathroom on the upper and lower floors, which is quite embarrassing

in addition, if there is sewage leakage in the bathroom upstairs, the people sleeping under it will bear the brunt, which is not in line with the way of environmental sanitation

the bathroom should always be kept clean. Sanitary ware is just like the so-called ” Out of filth ” ; Therefore, great attention should be paid to cleanliness, otherwise it is easy to breed germs

the bathroom should be ventilated. Just keeping clean is not enough. The bathroom should always maintain air circulation, let fresh air flow in and blow away the dirty air in the bathroom. Therefore, the window or air window in the bathroom should be opened from time to time in order to absorb more fresh air

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