The toilet is in the middle of the house, okay

Many houses made of reinforced concrete have set the toilet in the center of the house. In order to be bright, they are setting the room with enclosure, so they have to set the toilet in the center of the dark house, which will attract great evil. It is advisable to try to avoid the problem of hygiene in the middle of the house. It is one of the most taboo layouts in Feng Shui, which will greatly affect the heart health of residents

setting up a toilet in the center of the house will lead to evil intentions, mainly in two ways: first, the evil appearance brought by the toilet itself, because the center of the house is also equivalent to the human heart. Setting up a toilet in such an important part will inevitably produce a lot of dirt, which will make the family vulnerable to heart and head diseases and even affect the function of the stomach; Secondly, since the center is the toilet, there must be a sewage pipe through the center of the house, which is easy to cause family members to suffer from urinary system diseases, and the family’s luck will be greatly reduced. At the same time, it will also be shrouded in the shadow for the family. The family will go its own way, and it is difficult for parents and children to communicate

cleaning, drying, tidiness and removing foul gas are the root causes of the problem. Because the toilet is located in the central point and most of it has no windows for daylighting and ventilation, it is difficult to eliminate the damp and foul gas, which will affect Feng Shui. Therefore, the exhaust fan of the toilet should be unobstructed. In addition to water cultivation, crystal gravel and fragrance, dehumidifiers, anion machines and ozone machines are most effective to remove the damp and foul gas

if the stairs are located at the center of the house, first clean the stairs, remove all obstacles, make the stairs fresh, and then strengthen the light to illuminate the stairs to make them bright. When families walk the stairs, try to take care and slow down, so as to reduce the heavy pressure of pedestrians and the energy of asthma, which will affect the energy of Feng Shui

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