How about installing security doors at home

Anti theft door has become a landscape of urban housing. In order to effectively prevent theft and ensure family safety, people generally install anti-theft door, and the most common is pull-out anti-theft door

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the anti-theft door is made of metal, which is beneficial to people who belong to the five elements of gold, but it will also affect the magnetic field and gas field of the house, making the indoor gas field chaotic and prone to Feng Shui ferocity. In addition, the pull-out anti-theft door looks like a cage, which will disturb the feelings of residents or visitors

when purchasing screen door, generally pay attention to its profile thickness, spraying, gauze net and windproof


according to national regulations, the thickness of profile used for screen door shall not be less than 1.0mm, and 6063 aluminum alloy shall be selected for T5 heat treatment. In this way, the smoothness and compression resistance of the profile are better


the spraying powder generally has two kinds of outdoor powder and indoor powder. Of course, it can also be divided into imported and local. The imported German powder is the best, and the outdoor powder is generally used for screen windows and doors. The spraying type is also very particular. After good spraying, good profiles will not fade and fade, and the surface is glossy

gauze net

the screen door generally adopts folding net, and the technology of folding net is also very exquisite. Generally, 18 mesh gauze net is selected, and many of them are 14 purposes on the market. Also choose the one with high waterproof and oil repellent performance

“gt; it’s important for businesses to ask about the wind proof performance when they buy the gauze door

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