Relationship between window shape and home feng shui of five elements

If you build your own house, it is very good to design the shape of the window according to the Shengke law of the five elements. It is mainly based on the relationship between five elements and shape, five elements and orientation. We have mentioned the relationship between the five elements and orientation many times. Here we only add the relationship between the five elements and shape: the round five elements are gold, the long shape is wood, the buckling shape is water, the triangle is fire, and the square is earth

therefore, the East, South, East and south directions of wood and fire are suitable for opening rectangular windows

five is the west of gold and water. The north, West and north directions are suitable for opening round or arched windows

slightly square windows can also be opened in the South and southwest

the triangle is fire, so it is not suitable for the shape of the window if the fire is too strong. Moreover, the area of the triangle is very small, which is restrained and not conducive to daylighting. In particular, the triangle should be avoided in the design of the window

the water shape is the shape of attracting wealth. The water shape is not suitable for the shape of windows, but you can hang water curtains to attract wealth

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