Can I change the color of the gate to home transportation

The gate represents the facade of a family, just like a person’s face. In Feng Shui, changing the gate or changing the color of the gate means that a Yang house is storing Qi. Some numerologists call this practice ” Grab the gas ”

the so-called gas storage or gas grab means that the auspicious gas here will be concentrated here or transmitted here. Therefore, many people will change the color of the gate to change their luck when they are unlucky. However, when changing the color of the gate, we should choose the right time and choose the right color for the gate. In this regard, it should be calculated according to the sitting direction and season of the house and the five elements of yin and Yang

if you feel that many things are not going well recently, you might as well replace the door panel or paint the door again, so you can bring yourself good luck. Changing the gate or repainting the gate can bring good luck to yourself

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