How to decorate the floor of the shop

The floor has two choices in graphic design: rigid and flexible. The pattern characterized by the combination of straight lines such as square, rectangle and polygon has masculinity, which is more suitable for stores dealing in men’s goods; Round, oval, fan-shaped and geometric curve patterns, with a soft air, are more suitable for shops dealing in women’s goods

floor decoration materials generally include ceramic tile, plastic floor tile, stone, wood floor and cement, which can be selected according to needs. Shop floor design should mainly consider the needs of shop image design, the cost of materials, the advantages and disadvantages of materials and other factors. We should have a clear understanding of the characteristics and costs of various materials before making decisions

there are many varieties of ceramic tiles, and the color and shape can be freely selected. Ceramic tiles have the advantages of heat resistance, water resistance, fire resistance and wear resistance, and have durability. The disadvantage is poor thermal insulation. Plastic floor tiles have the advantages of moderate price, convenient construction and rich colors. They are used by general stores. The disadvantage is that they are easy to be damaged by cigarette butts, sharp tools and chemicals. There are granite, marble and other kinds of stones, which have the advantages of gorgeous appearance and good decoration. They are also good in water resistance, fire resistance and wear resistance. However, due to the high price, they will be used only when there are special considerations in business. Although the wooden floor has the advantages of softness, cold insulation and good luster, it is easy to be dirty and damaged, so it is not suitable for shops with a large number of customers. Cement paving is the cheapest, but it is not suitable for shops operating medium and high-grade goods

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