How to design a low perspective store

The so-called low perspective storefront is the one who cannot see the situation inside the store outside the store. This kind of storefront is mostly made of opaque or translucent (such as ground glass) materials as a barrier. Therefore, even if there is a window design outside the door, the back of the window is still an opaque partition. Therefore, unless you walk into the store in person, you can’t know the actual situation in the store


① it can completely separate the inside and outside of the store, creating an indoor space completely free from external interference

② it is highly secretive and has a good protective effect on the goods in the store and the people who come in for consumption


① completely unaware of the situation in the store will make outsiders suspicious and uneasy, and some people are afraid to come to the door

② customers can only be attracted through advertisements outside the store or displayed goods in the window, while other goods in the store completely lose the effect of advertising

③ due to the use of opaque or low light transmittance barriers, the indoor light will become dim. This disadvantage can be solved only by maintaining a bright indoor light source at all times

suitable industries:

① industries that pay attention to consumer privacy, such as sex products stores, medical clinics, high-end clubs, etc. when consumers often don’t want their consumption behavior to be seen, they can use stores with low perspective

② industries that pay special attention to atmosphere and do not want consumption behavior to be disturbed by the outside world, such as bars, dance halls, Western restaurants, etc. these stores need to create a special atmosphere, so they need a place that can be isolated from the outside world

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