How to place the cutting tools in the kitchen

The cutting tools in the kitchen are also an important factor affecting kitchen Feng Shui. Therefore, how to place the cutting tools is both practical and beautiful, which is conducive to home feng shui, which needs special attention

generally speaking, the cutting tools should be placed in a special place, such as the shelf for placing the cutting tools. The cutting tools are inserted into the fixed tool holder one by one. It is beautiful and practical, and it is easy to use by classification. Or put the knife in a special cabinet or drawer, which is also more convenient and in line with the principle of Feng Shui. It should be noted that the blade should not be exposed when placing the tool. If the blade is exposed, it will form ” Dao Sha ” , The disaster of the Lord’s blood or the slaughter of those who take office in career or money will make the family’s fortune decline day by day. The family’s bad fortune is a bad feng shui

in addition, if the knife is hung outside, it is not conducive to safety. If people touch the knife edge or fall down, they will hurt people. Therefore, the knife should be placed on a fixed knife holder or cabinet

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