Unmarried men and women bedroom layout taboo

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the shape of some houses is not conducive to love and marriage, such as slender bedrooms. Generally speaking, the bedroom should be square or slightly rectangular. However, if the bedroom is relatively slender, people living in it will feel very empty and lonely, and their character will become lonely. Affected by such environment and character, when the owner gets along with his lover, he will naturally appear more autistic and passive, and can’t communicate with him. The feelings of the two people will gradually become indifferent

once this happens, the best and quickest solution is to divide the slender bedroom into two small squares, or change one of them into a square bedroom and use the other side as a storage room or dressing room. Such improvement will not only make effective use of space, but also give yourself a warm feeling of being taken care of, so that there will be no inexplicable cold war with lovers

bedroom layout taboo for unmarried men and women :

(1) avoid too cold color. For example, the cold tone of white, black and blue lights is easy to cause the unmarried girl’s red warbler star to be late. It is appropriate to choose a refreshing warm tone

(2). Do not set a wall cabinet recessed into the wall at the head of the bed. Bedroom bedside should be simple and elegant, not complex furnishings, otherwise it will have an impact on people’s mental state

(3). The light in the bedroom should not be too bright, preferably dark, but the air should circulate smoothly

(4). The bed should not be facing the door. When sleeping, neither head nor feet should face the door

(5) the pattern of the bedroom should be square and not deformed

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