How to choose the most suitable cabinet

Feng Shui problems in every part of the family will have an impact on the family. We also know that the kitchen is the place where we eat, which can not be ignored. If there is a big contradiction in our family, there are great taboos in the placement of color and style, which need to be avoided

kitchen cabinet Feng Shui try

in addition to the color, the choice of cabinet style also has an impact on Feng Shui. It is recommended to focus on Founder when buying cabinets, which is not only convenient for daily use, but also conducive to Feng Shui. If it is a cabinet with sharp corners or irregular shape, it will destroy the gas field of the kitchen and is not conducive to the health of the family. Of course, we should also pay attention to the installation. The cabinet is generally best installed at the top. If it is installed at the bottom, it is easy to bring evil spirit, leading to family unrest and difficult to be stable. These small details that are easy to be ignored should also be given enough attention

Feng Shui of kitchen cabinets is very particular. The above two aspects are briefly introduced from the selection of cabinet color and style. I believe I can understand it after reading it. If your family has the above taboos, replace them quickly to avoid adverse effects on the health of your family

kitchen cabinet Feng Shui color

cabinet color conducive to Feng Shui

kitchen belongs to fire, and cabinets can flourish Feng Shui only with fire or wood colors, including red, pink, orange, green and cyan

cabinet colors that are not conducive to Feng Shui

in contrast, the colors of gold, water and soil will collide with kitchen Feng Shui, including gold, white and silver, blue, black, gray, brown and coffee. (among them, white, gold and silver are unlucky and not fierce colors)

pay attention to kitchen Feng Shui

generally speaking, the kitchen is set up in the south of the house, followed by the east or Southeast. The light in the kitchen is sufficient, and it is best to be exposed to the sun. The kitchen facing north can use warm color to improve the sense of room temperature; The room facing Southeast has enough sunshine, so cool color should be adopted to achieve the effect of cooling

(I) the kitchen is in the north of the house. The North belongs to water, so it is called both water and fire, and the Lord’s family is safe

(II) the kitchen is in the east or southeast of the house. The five elements in these two directions belong to wood, which is a pattern of bright wood fire. The main family is often supported by noble people

(III) the kitchen is in the northeast of the house, and the five elements in the Northeast belong to soil. It is called “fire and earth grow together”. This is the image of harmony. Fire is the middle Yin hexagram and earth is the Shaoyang hexagram. This is the theory of Yang and Yin matching and medium auspiciousness

(IV) the kitchen is in the south of the house. The South belongs to fire. This is a sign of excessive anger, which can only be regarded as a small auspicious remark

(V) the kitchen is in the northwest or west of the house. These two directions and five elements belong to gold, which is the image of fire and gold. The main luck is repeated, so it is not suitable to be located in the northwest and southwest of the house

in fact, buying a house is a very important thing for people now. After having their own home, they will feel that they can settle down or stabilize. Then, the location of the kitchen and dress up are secondary considerations. We know that the kitchen generally makes delicious food, so the location of the kitchen can not be ignored

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