How to choose the bookcase in children’s room

How to choose a bookcase that can help children thrive in school? This requires that when parents choose bookcases for their children, they should not only take into account the factors of personal preferences, but also pay attention to the material problem. It is best to choose wooden bookcases

because there is a saying in Feng Shui that wood is the master of spring, placing wooden bookcases in children’s rooms can increase the positive power in the room, and wood also has some flexible characteristics, which can help children obtain a peaceful mood, which is conducive to the improvement of academic performance

when choosing the color of the bookcase, try to avoid too jumping and gorgeous colors. It is suitable to choose some deeper colors, such as dark brown and coffee. The sense of massiness produced by these colors can make the child’s character more stable and avoid the child’s impatience

in Feng Shui, too high bookcase will have an impact on health and lead to children’s physical weakness

in addition, if the bookcase is too high, it is easy to form a pattern of oppressing the desk, making children tired, dizzy and uneasy. Therefore, for the sake of children’s health and study, it is not suitable to choose tall bookcases for children

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