Why can’t the mirror in the bedroom face the bed

In other rooms, mirrors can be used to increase the sense of space in the room. But in the bedroom, it is not suitable to use a mirror as a partition. Especially when the mirror faces the bed, it is easy to have an illusion in half dreaming and half waking, resulting in mental tension. Therefore, the mirror facing the bed is easy to cause diseases to the human body

because the mirror has the function of reflection and absorption, it is often used to block the evil spirit and reflect the evil spirit back; Or use a mirror to absorb the vigorous Qi when the vigorous Qi is insufficient. Some people point the mirror on the dresser or wardrobe in their bedroom at the bed. In fact, mirror to bed is the biggest enemy of health and husband and wife’s feelings, which should be avoided as far as possible

from the perspective of health, people have the weakest Qi field when they sleep. If a part of their vigorous Qi is sucked away by the mirror, they will not be in good spirits when they get up the next day. Moreover, when you wake up in the middle of the night, you will be frightened to see the reflection in the mirror. So it’s best to move the mirror. If you are not afraid of trouble, you can also find a cloth to cover the mirror when you sleep and take it away when necessary. If the mirror is on the wardrobe, you can move the mirror into the door. In this way, you can look in the mirror when you dress

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