What is the relationship between antenna and Feng Shui

Feng Shui believes that wires belong to fire, and their long shape is similar to that of snakes. Therefore, it is very unfavorable to Feng Shui layout and often leads to fire snake evil. Fire snake evil will make people easy to fatigue, nervous tension, muscle convulsions, and make the muscles and bones often in a state of heat toxicity, hardening and pain

but it is impossible to avoid the use of wires in modern homes, so the wires should be as close to the wall as possible during decoration, so as to avoid the situation that the wires span the whole room due to insufficient sockets. The daily socket is also next to or behind the electrical appliances. Try to hide the wires out of sight

the reason why the antenna can have a great impact on Feng Shui is that the antenna has the function of receiving radio waves or transmitting electricity. One of the most conducive to Feng Shui is the iron pot shaped satellite antenna, which can enhance the house’s electric reception and create a stronger magnetic field. As long as such a satellite antenna is back to the house, it is conducive to enhance the feng shui of the house and is a good transportation layout

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