What are the taboos of porch ceiling

If you want to make the feng shui of the residence good and the fortune of the residents prosperous, you should consider the taboos of Feng Shui at home when decorating the house, and avoid violating these taboos as much as possible, so as to ensure the smooth fortune of the residents

as for Feng Shui taboos at home, we should pay attention to different places in different rooms and locations in the house, so here we want to introduce you mainly the Feng Shui taboos of porch ceiling

What are the taboos of porch ceiling? Household Feng Shui taboo

porch ceiling Feng Shui: the porch is the first place to enter after entering the door, and the door is the gas inlet of the house, so the Feng Shui gas field first passes through the porch after entering the house, so the Feng Shui of the porch must be better, otherwise it will have a certain adverse impact on the feng shui of the whole house

Feng Shui taboo on the ceiling of the porch

1. The ceiling should not be too low: the ceiling at the porch should be as high as possible, otherwise there will be a very depressing feeling when entering the door. Moreover, due to the low ceiling, the Feng Shui gas field included in the residence is limited and has to bear certain pressure, which will reduce the quantity and quality of these Feng Shui gas fields, Therefore, the ceiling should be as high as possible to ensure the prosperity of residential Feng Shui

2. The ceiling should not be too bright: the color of the ceiling must be paid attention to. The color of the ceiling should be light as far as possible, not too deep, not too bright, otherwise it is easy to make people feel top heavy, and the ceiling is the ceiling, that is, the day of the house. If the color of the sky is too deep, it will inevitably give people a feeling of dark clouds blocking the sun, which is very unfavorable to home transportation

therefore, you must pay more attention to the Feng Shui taboo of the porch ceiling and try to ensure that the feng shui of the porch ceiling is vigorous, otherwise it will be bad for the fortune of the whole house and all families

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