Feng Shui taboo in the porch of home decoration

Many people like to decorate the porch in the home. The porch can play a good role. At the same time, it can also adjust the Feng Shui aura of the home and help the home aura flourish; But the premise is that when you decorate the home porch, you must pay attention to the relevant Feng Shui taboos. If you touch the Feng Shui taboos, it will only lead to the bad luck of your family and the deterioration of Feng Shui at home

putting fake flowers in porch decoration

many people will deliberately put fake flowers in the porch when decorating the porch. Fake flowers have a strong decorative effect, which can make people feel the breath of nature and make the whole home have a different taste; Although the decorative effect of fake flowers is good, fake flowers are lifeless ” Dead thing, Fake flowers are full of decay, death and decline. It is very unlucky to put fake flowers in the home. If you put fake flowers in the porch, you will see the existence of fake flowers as soon as you enter the door. Such decoration design will lead to the deterioration of the Feng Shui atmosphere of the whole home, the decline of family fortune and the weakening of family fortune

porch decoration and furnishing mirrors

many people like to install a mirror in front of the door. It is also common to decorate a mirror on the porch. This is not only to facilitate their appearance before going out, but also to facilitate their home life! However, according to Feng Shui, mirrors can not be installed in the porch, and mirrors or some reflective materials can not be used as the porch! I think the mirror is an object with the function of reflection and adsorption. If the mirror is placed in the part of the porch, it is easy to reflect the indoor wealth and prosperity, and it is easy to absorb the outdoor evil and filth. This will have a great impact on the home, break the home feng Shui atmosphere, and have a certain impact on our wealth

crossbeam capping in porch decoration

when decorating porch, it must be taboo to have crossbeam capping. If the part of the home porch appears to be the top of the beam, it will be very unfavorable to the Feng Shui aura of the home! Because from the perspective of Feng Shui, the beam belongs to an object with heavy evil spirit. The prominent part of the beam has strong evil spirit, which will always suppress the fortune of the family, the health, wealth and career development of the family. The porch is the place where the home enters the door, the entrance door of the home, and the air circulation of the home. If there is a beam in the part of the porch, it means that the air circulation of the home is bound to be affected, which will lead to the decline of the home and the bad luck

if you encounter a bad feng shui aura with beams above the porch during decoration, you can install a ceiling here. The ceiling can effectively resolve the problem by hiding the beams

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