What Feng Shui problems should we pay attention to when choosing rabbit cage

Using Feng Shui common sense, you can choose the rabbit cage that is most conducive to Feng Shui for rabbits

first of all, the material of rabbit cage should not be wood. The five elements of rabbit are wood, especially the rabbits raised in the East. Choosing wooden cage may lead to excessive wood Qi. More importantly, rabbits love to grind their teeth. Wooden cages are easy to be bitten by rabbits, resulting in financial leakage or loss. If you choose wooden cages and find that they are bitten by rabbits, you should update them in time

secondly, metal cages are the most common rabbit cages, but Jinke wood is not conducive to rabbits in the gas field. Therefore, it is better not to choose the color of five lines of gold, such as white, which will force the mouth to emphasize gold gas and is more detrimental to rabbits

metal cages with five behaviors of water, such as black and blue, and metal cages with five behaviors of wood, such as green and cyan, are better. Gold can produce water and water can produce wood. Therefore, even if gold overcomes wood, it has little impact on the health of rabbits, while for cages with wood color, the gold and wood of the cage will restrain each other and will not affect the health of rabbits. In addition, the plastic cage five acts as soil, which will absorb the wood gas of rabbits and is not resistant to biting. It is not particularly suitable for raising pet rabbits

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