Feng Shui of lamps in home decoration

In the decoration of home, lamp is an essential part. Lamps and lanterns can light up the dark space, illuminate the light of the room, and bring us a bright atmosphere. Lamps and lanterns can let us see everything in the dark. Lamps and lanterns can be said to be indispensable in home decoration. In that case, what are the Feng Shui stresses of lamps in home decoration

the lighting in the living room should be sufficient

in the decoration of the home, the lighting in the living room must be sufficient and bright, because the living room is a very important area in the whole home. If the lighting in this area is dark and insufficient, it will affect the business development of the home owner, lead to the collapse of the family’s fortune, the obstruction of family fortune, etc., so in any case, the lighting in the living room must be brighter. The choice of lamps also needs attention. Try to choose some lamps with good lighting effect, which can illuminate the environment of the whole living room and bring sufficient light to the living room! In addition, the shape of lamps also needs attention! For one thing, it is more suitable to choose circular ceiling or circular ceiling lamp in the living room. Secondly, square lamps are also very good, but it is absolutely not allowed to choose chandeliers with sharp corners or water droplets. These lamps will damage the feng shui of the living room

do not use red for bedroom lighting

in home decoration, the requirements for lighting are different from Feng Shui in different rooms and areas. For example, some lamps with good lighting effect, bright light and sufficient light source are suitable for the living room, while some lamps with soft light and feminine light are suitable for the bedroom, because the bedroom is a place to sleep, The soft light can make us sleep better. In addition, when choosing lights in the bedroom, you also need to pay attention to that all lights in red, orange, purple and other colors should not be used in the bedroom. Because from the perspective of Feng Shui, red lights are full of strange atmosphere, while orange and purple lights will worsen the atmosphere of the bedroom, so it is not suitable to choose these colors of lights! In the bedroom, you can choose the light of warm color system, so that the warm atmosphere of the bedroom can be supported under the light, so as to enhance the fortune of the family

cool color should be used for kitchen lighting

cold color lighting is more suitable in the kitchen, so in the home decoration, try to choose some cold color lighting in the kitchen! The main reason is that the kitchen is a place for cooking food. It is inevitable that there will be too much anger in the kitchen. When the anger in the kitchen is too strong, it is likely to lead to the irritability of the family. Therefore, the kitchen should use the light of the cold color system to reconcile some. The light of the cold color system can reduce the fire of the kitchen, so as to make the feng shui of the kitchen better

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