How much do you know about Feng Shui in house decoration

In the decoration of home houses, there are many problems and taboos that need to be paid attention to. For example, in the decoration of house doors and windows, we must pay attention to certain feng shui knowledge and avoid some Feng Shui taboos. After all, the feng shui of small doors and windows is related to the feng shui of the whole home; In that case, how much do you know about Feng Shui taboo in house decoration doors and windows? Let’s have a look

the door cannot face the window

in home decoration, the door cannot face the window. If your door is just opposite to your window, this decoration pattern touches the taboo in Feng Shui. You should know that this pattern is very unfavorable to home feng shui atmosphere. Because from the perspective of traditional home feng shui, the door and window are the places where home air flows. If the window is opposite to the door, it will cause the air flow to collide. This pattern will obviously affect the consistency of home Qi field and Feng Shui, and form a mutually exclusive Feng Shui Qi field. In addition, air flow hedging will form a piercing evil spirit, which directly affects the collection of wind and gas at home. Only the home pattern of wind and gas can form a good feng shui and gather gas for prosperous transportation. It can be seen that such decoration Feng Shui is not good! Therefore, you all need to avoid this Feng Shui taboo

outside the window is straight to the road

when decorating the window, we should pay attention to the outdoor environment of the window. The environment determines Feng Shui, but also determines the atmosphere of home and our fortune. Generally speaking, if there is a direct road outside the window, the direct air field of the road will directly face the window and enter the home, then the home will be affected by the direct air. Once the direct air affects the feng shui of the home, it will invade the wealth of the home, affect the Feng Shui air field of the home, and thus damage the health of the family. Therefore, when there is a direct road outside the window, It will also directly lead to the deterioration of home feng shui

there are too many or too few windows

we all know that the windows of the home are the mouth of ventilation and the channel of daylighting, which is related to the airflow and lighting of the home. Therefore, basically every room must have a window, so as to ensure that each room has recast daylighting and ventilation. However, if there are no windows in the room, it will only lead to the room dead, the gas field is not prosperous, and the air flow is not smooth. Such a pattern is unfavorable to the Feng Shui gas field of home. At the same time, the absence of windows in the room is also a major taboo in Feng Shui. In addition, there should not be too many windows in the room. If there are too many windows in the room and there are several windows, it will lead to poor indoor gas gathering effect, which will damage the fortune of the family! So too many windows is also a taboo

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