What are the feng shui knowledge of the study

The user of the study must have a backer. Leaning against the wall at the back not only has a sense of security, but also is not easy to be disturbed behind, because people’s ears can listen to all directions, but their eyes only watch six routes, and there is a back behind, that is, there is a back

there should be as much space in front of the desk as possible and the bright hall facing it should be broad. Some people think that the location of the general study is not very spacious. How can there be a Mingtang? In fact, if you have a broad mind, it is easy to enter the game. If you have a broad mind, it is easy to enter the game. In this way, if you have a broad mind, it is easy to enter the game. Can make a big thing

the back of the desk seat should not be close to the window, door or glass curtain wall. There are people walking around behind the desk, so people who work at the desk can’t concentrate. Placing desks and seats against the glass curtain wall will also form a pattern of no back, which will affect the development of family career and have an adverse impact on children’s studies. Therefore, do not put desks against the glass curtain wall. Don’t face the desk directly to the window, because it will give people a ” Looking at the sky ” ; Feeling. When the desk is facing the window, people are easy to be attracted by the scenery outside the window, or distracted by things outside. They are also easy to be affected by other evils outside the window, so it is difficult to concentrate on learning. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of work and study, when placing the desk, you should avoid facing the window. If you can’t avoid it, you should place it slightly away from the window

the desk should avoid the top of the beam. If the desk is placed under the beam, or people sit under the beam, it will lead to a decline in fortune, and seriously affect people’s mental state and physical health

in order to avoid the adverse effects of the beam, try to avoid placing desks and seats under the beam. Or, when decorating the study, use the ceiling to block the beam, so as to reduce the visual and psychological oppression brought by the beam

the desk should not be placed close to the wall. The desk is placed close to the wall, which is easy to make people nervous. Because there are many parts of the human body that induce magnetic field, among which the brain wave radiation area in the back of the brain is the most sensitive. If the desk is placed close to the wall, the scope of human eyes is the wall. If effective information cannot be captured, people will turn their attention to the back of the brain. Over time, they will consume a lot of energy, thus affecting the efficiency of work and study

when isolating a reading and office area from the home environment, the desk should not be placed next to the bed. When reading, I am most afraid to see the bed, because the sight of the bed will make people want to sleep and feel tired. Naturally, I can’t lift up my spirit and concentrate on reading and learning, which has a great impact on lively children

the desk should not face the mirror. Because there are usually desk lamps on the desk. If the lamp is too close to the mirror, it will produce the feeling of direct light from the top of the head, which makes people nervous and dizzy. At the same time, the image reflected in the mirror will also distract people’s attention and affect people’s work and study. In particular, children’s desks should avoid facing the mirror

the seats in the study should match the desk and personal habits. When you sit at your desk to study and work, you often have to find some relevant books from the bookcase. The use of swivel chair with wheels and portable rattan chair can save a lot of time and bring a lot of convenience. The swivel chair designed according to ergonomics can effectively support the back curve and should be the first choice

the height of the chair should be appropriate, so that the knees are slightly bent and the feet are placed on the floor naturally and comfortably. When using the keyboard, keep the hands, wrists and small arms at the same height. The chair should also have certain flexibility, and its height and steering can be adjusted according to individual needs within a certain range, so that the body can not only lean forward to take and place the items on the table, but also lean back to let the body stretch and relax freely

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